​Konig Touch Up Repair Pen for uPVC Windows Doors and Laminate Flooring




​Konig uPVC Touch Up Pen

These touch up pens, manufactured by Konig, are designed to repair scratches and blemishes found in uPVC windows and doors. They can also be used on laminate flooring, skirting boards and other applications too.This pen features the new dab & squeeze technology. It has a springy pen tip which, when under light pressure, opens the new valve system to ensure uniform lacquer flow. The shape of the tip has changed too, meaning you need only use one tip for all applications! This enables you to colour a wide mitre groove and then fine corners and edges without having to change the pen tip.

  • Colour quality and choice – good light fastness with high opacity coverage
  • Longer lasting – improved weather and plasticiser resistance
  • Consistent flow – prevents blotching of lacquer
  • Versatile tip – single tip shape – many applications
  • Wet-on-wet application – repeat lacquering without waiting to dry
  • Inside/Outside – can be used indoors or outside
  • Wipe/scratch resistant – acrylic-based pigmented covering lacquer
  • Rapid drying – touch dry after 2-5 mins
  • Easy to use – one tip design, so no swapping for thick and fine lacquering


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